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Hagitec provides quality solutions for conduit, tubing, and its accessories. Custom made products can also be produced to client specifications for various industries and applications.

Flexible Metal Conduit

The flexible metal tubes come in a variety of models with different types of interlock styles and materials available. Our innovative manufacturing process allows us to offer significantly more durable, and smaller size flexible metal conduits than the standard. We can accommodate custom size, length, bend radiuses, and more.

End Fittings

End Fittings can be paired with our flexible metal conduits dependent upon your mounting requirement. End fittings are optimal for connecting a conduit to a sensor head, mounting onto an instrumentation panel, or terminations. If our easy to use, in stock end fittings are not within your requirements; custom options are available.

Additional Products

Not only does Hagitec offer flexible metal tubing solutions, but carry resin/rubber tubing, along with silicone spiral tubing as well.

Custom Solutions

Our team of engineers is available to assist in the design, and manufacturing of your custom request. We are able to give insight on your specifications at no additional cost. Samples can be provided, subject to availability.