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Kindly Contact Us to inquire about custom solutions. Please provide the following information if available for each custom product. Our sales representatives and engineers are readily available for any questions and advice.


Flexible Metal Conduit

  • Application for use
  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter
  • Length
  • Material Properties
  • Coating (if required)
  • End Fitting (if required)
  • Sheathing (if required)
  • For gooseneck tubing: If holding weight, how much weight will the tube need to support? What is the size of the object being supported (dimensions)? What position will the tube need to be in (horizontal, vertical, hang from the ceiling)? Will you need to insert anything into the tube (such as wires)?
  • For Flexible Shafts: Which direction will the rotation be (right, left, or bi-directional)? How much torque will be applied? If a hollow shaft is required, please advise the thickness of the object being passed through the tube.

End Fittings

  • Application for use
  • Screw or Adhesive type

Additional Products

Please specify which product you have an inquiry about.