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Micro-Flexible Annular Hose

Micro-Flexible Tube (MF)


Resists rusting, withstands pressure, able to undertake high and low temperatures


Features and Attributes: 

  • Resists rusting
  • Withstands high vacuum
  • Withstands high, and low temperatures
  • SUS316 stainless steel 
  • RoHS Compliant 

Standard Product:

  • Flexible Tube Material: Stainless Steel (SUS316L)
  • Working pressure: 0 MPa (high Vacuum) to 0.3 MPa
  • Leak Allowance: Less than 1.33 x 10-10 Pa·m3/sec
  • Size of Metal Fittings: 3.18mm(⅛”), 6.35mm(¼”) , 9.52mm(⅜”) , 12.7mm(½”) (Special metal fittings available) 
  • All customizations outside of the standard listed above, will be custom and made to order. Please view Customizations for a full listing of available options.

Services Available Upon Request: 

  • Armored stainless steel braiding used in conjunction will increase this conduit’s high-pressure capabilities.

Common Applications: 

  • High-precision mechanical equipment
  • Semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing devices
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment
  • Biological and food processing equipment where durability, pressure maintenance, and safety are required
  • Optical fiber protection requiring air-tightness
  • Medical applications (ex: blood cooling in cryogenic heat exchangers)
  • Delivery pipe for oil, steam, air, and other fluids in vacuum equipment

Stock Level: Non-stock made to order item. General lead time is 4-5 weeks.

Model (Part Number ID mm (inch) OD mm (inch) Approx Weight (g/m)
MF-3A 3.5 (0.138) 5.0 (0.197) 25
MF-4.5A 4.5 (0.177) 7.0 (0.276) 25
MF-6A 5.5 (0.217) 8.5 (0.335) 25
MF-10A 10.0(0.394) 13.5(0.531) 25
MF-15A 12.5(0.492) 16.5(0.650) 40


Attached are the general available options for customization. Please be advised that there may be restrictions based upon size, and application for usage. Please Contact Us for support on your customization requirements!

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Available Flexible Metal Tube Materials:

Material Grade


Features Applicable Tube Type
Stainless Steel – SUS304 (Standard)
– SUS303
– SUS316
– SUS430
– General Industrial
– Medicinal
– Rigid
– Does not Rust
– Most tube type
Aluminum – General Industrial
– Medicinal
– Does not Rust
– Anti-Static
– Lightweight but Less Sturdy
– Excellent Thermal Conduction
– Square Lock A
– Interlock Type B
– Screw Tube
Titanium – General Industrial
– Medicinal
– Space Engineering
– Rigid
– Anti-Static
– Lighter than Stainless Steel
– Square Lock A
Bronze Phosphate – C5341 – Noise Counter-Measure – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Most tube type
Copper – Noise Counter-Measure – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Most tube type
Brass – Noise Counter-Measure – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Most tube type
Steel – Galvanized Steel Strip
– SK Material (Hardest Steel)
– General Industrial – Affordable Price
– Heavy
– Rusty
– Generally Needs to be Sheathed
– Most tube type


Technical Drawing: Contact Us for the password and then View MF.

Instructions on How to Measure Bend Radius: PDF Here